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  • The restaurant’s interior is designed in the style of a farm. Décor details and authentic antique items create the feeling of a peaceful countryside lifestyle. The view of the Benua Garden, where the restaurant is located, contributes to the atmosphere of tranquility and gives our visitors a perfect escape from the city bustle.

  • Benua Farm restaurant has enough space for 250 guests during winter time and up to 400 in summer thanks to a terrace in the Benua Garden. Our friendly hostesses will greet each guest with a warm smile and escort you to your table. Benua Farm is a kid-friendly restaurant, and families with kids can seated in a zone next to a play area for children. If you enjoy a lively conversation and live music, the central part of the restaurant with a scene and open kitchen is a perfect place for you. For those who plan a small party of their own, we recommend to occupy our cozy detached living room which is separated from the main area with a glass door. You can also visit Benua Pastry Shop for a cup of coffee and our homemade bakery and pastry.



  • The restaurant was named after the exemplary Benua Farm, which was located on the territory of the current Benua Garden in the 19th century. There was a cowshed in the restaurant’s building, and the farm produced the best milk in Russia and was the supplier of the Emperor’s court.

  • Today the building of Benua Farm is a regional cultural heritage site, it has been recreated using the old blueprints and adjusted for modern purposes.



  • The majority of the dishes on the menu can be cooked gluten-free if you wish. You can also purchase gluten-free bread and pastry in our pastry shop. The restaurant’s personnel have completed the training “Non-gluten cuisine”. The right to produce gluten-free dishes is verified with a Certificate.

  • Evgeny Volkov

    Evgeny Volkov discovered an interest for gastronomy in his early years. Shortly after graduating from school Evgeny went on a voyage around the world, where he began his career as a chef. Upon his return to Saint Petersburg, Evgeny joined Aram Mnatsakanov's team and for nine years was perfecting his craft in the project Probka Family in restaurants «Ryba» and «Ryba na Dache».

    Since the opening of «Ferma Benua», Evgeny Volkov has worked under the leadership of Nicolas Lorieux, and in 2021 became the restaurant's chef. Evgeny is in charge of the kitchen team, he creates the main, season and banquet menus.

  • Evgeny Volkov


  • 4-min.jpg

    Duck leg confit with champignon sause, cabbage and cumin

  • 5-min.jpg

    Salmon fish kebab

  • 2._Судак_с_рисом_венеро.JPG

    Pike perch and Venere (black) rice

  • 8-min.JPG

    Skirt steak with potato gratin

  • 9-min.jpg

    Dorado with quinoa and spinach

  • 10-min.JPG

    Italian platter

  • 12.jpg

    Carrot and walnut cake

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